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The Ryan & Dave Show

Ryan Gallant

The Ryan & Dave Show
65 minMAY 26
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Friend of the show and certified Goonie Madge Mossberg returns as Ryan and Dave conclude the epic saga that revolutionized the crime genre. More of an epilogue to the completed story of Parts I and II, Part III nonetheless offers some high points for Al Pacino and a fitting end for Michael Corleone after his many sins and transgressions. What do your hosts and guest think of the film's reputation as the weakest link in the series? Has it earned some esteem in the interim years with the benefit of time? Tune in to find out! Also, Ryan is perplexed on how it takes so long to eat one cannoli, Dave skewers the corruption rampant in the Catholic Church over the years, and Madge debuts her long-awaited acapella rendition of the Godfather theme. Next week, friend of the show Brenlae "The Albino Assassin" MacMillan returns for his pick - "Hereditary"!