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The Tavern Table Podcast


The Tavern Table Podcast
85 min2017 DEC 14
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AHA! I've got it! We'll publish a new Tavern Table episode! And this one will have to do with things that inspire our D&D playing! I'll have Bob, Rufer, Patrick, and Nick sit around and talk about the strange things that inspire them when designing characters, encounters, or forming campaigns! Yeah! What a good idea! And we will make it a super long episode! GENIUS! If you want to have your voice heard or your topics discussed here on the podcast, send an email over to askthetavern@gmail.com! We'd love to hear from you and discuss what YOU want us to. Also, check out our new Facebook page, The Tavern Table, and Twitter @thetaverntable! You can find them by searching for The Tavern Table on either of them. ALSO ALSO, we are on iTunes! Rate and review us!