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Work Smart Live Smart with Beverly Beuermann-King


Work Smart Live Smart with Beverly Beuermann-King
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Approximately 1 in 5 seniors say that they are lonely.  People can become lonely for any number of reasons, regardless of their age. Some people are lonely because they don’t feel like they fit in, while others may become lonely after the death of a loved one. Other people might just suffer from an illness that doesn’t allow them to see many people.
When my boys were little, they were blessed to have 3 sets of grandparents and 3 sets of great-grandparents.  Life was busy with two little ones, but we made it a point of visiting each of the great grandparents.  Sometimes the boys would complain, and we would have to explain that not everyone’s lives were busy like ours.  Grandmas and Grandpas loved us and looked forward to us visiting.  It made them happy. 
It doesn’t take much to cheer up the lonely and make a difference.
So Here are today’s Hot Tips For Building Resiliency and Celebrating Cheer Up The Lonely Day:
Let your friend or family member know that you are thinking about them.  Send them a message, call them on the phone, or go for a visit.
We need physical contact, but giving a hug may not be appropriate at this time.  Did you know that giving 5 people a hug every day can lower your own stress level by 25%. Look for other ways to get connected.
Ask what they need.  It’s ok to ask.  And if they are not sure, let them know that you are there when they need you.
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