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24 MINJUN 17
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Innis Ingram’s mother is his hero. But today, she’s living in one of the worst hit long-term care homes in Ontario. She has a terminal illness. Dozens and dozens of people around her have died, including her friend and roommate. And she’s had minimal human contact for three months. But even though he can’t be there with her, Innis is determined to get her the care she needs.


COMMONS: Pandemic is currently focusing on how COVID-19 is affecting long-term care in Canada.

Featured in this episode: Innis Ingram, Nathan Stall


To learn more:

“Ontario LTC whistle-blower saw many incidents of verbal abuse and forced feeding” by Jill Mahoney and Karen Howlett” in The Globe and Mail

“It’s time to let families visit long-term care homes” by André Picard in The Globe and Mail

“Some Ontario doctors, families worry rules for care home visits causing harm to residents” in CBC News


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