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Sound Words

Aaron Lee / Musicgoon

Sound Words
23 MIN2019 SEP 25
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Hannah Chao is the editor and digital administrator for The SOLA Network. She attends All Nations Community Church where she is the executive administrator. 

In this episode, we talk about our favorite SOLA reads from August and September, upcoming articles in October, and behind-the-scenes stories from SOLA and our personal lives.


Opening the Gates Between Rich and Poor: https://sola.network/article/multiculturalism-beyond-ethnicity

I've Graduated, Now What? 3 Steps to Finding Your Place in the Church: https://sola.network/article/3-steps-finding-church

God Is Restoring Me: Testimony of a Redeemed Daughter: https://sola.network/article/god-restoring-me

Work Life Series: The Goodness, Purpose, and Dignity of Work: https://sola.network/article/goodness-purpose-dignity-work

SOLA Starter Kit for College Students: https://sola.network/article/sola-starter-kit-college 

Back to School Exhortations: https://sola.network/article/back-to-school-exhortations

Friendship Essentials for Men: https://sola.network/article/friendship-essentials-men

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