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Friend in my Head

Friend in my Head

Friend in my Head
95 min2019 MAR 15
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Shout out to all 5 of you returning listeners! 

For those of you that chose to stay after our “Don’t @ Us” episode, we’re back with another week of the same fuckery that we’ve provided since episode one. Run us our props for being consistent!

In episode 13, Drea encourages Jia not to go vegan when it comes to these niggas and expresses dismay over all the white people STILL behaving badly in the year of our Lord & Savior, Beysus Christ.

Jia shares her frustrations with overzealous men, their infatuation with Lubriderm, and ruining the moment…all while reminding you that if you can’t lean on him, don’t rock with him.

It’s a full house, y’all. We GROWN grown!

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