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Friend in my Head

Friend in my Head

Friend in my Head
129 min2019 MAR 22
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 Welcome to the land of wine & congestion…where our days are ending with a lil’ taste of spirit and a whole lotta allergy medicine (bars)!

On this week’s episode, Drea shares her quirky celebrity crush, while Jia chooses to make it last with a man who doesn’t meet the height requirement for roller coaster rides. And in the spirit of all things love (cuz you know…Drea’s the love zapped sap), the ladies explore backup boyfriend possibilities, the importance of sending out red alerts to your homegirls when they’re about to take a nose dive into Smallville, and whether or not love REALLY is for everybody (and no…battery operated boyfriends do NOT count).

Oh, and of course there’s a rush to knock the rupees out of Daniel Caesar. It’ll all make sense when you listen.

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