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Friend in my Head

Friend in my Head

Friend in my Head
125 min2019 FEB 15
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Happy (day after) Valentine’s Day to everybody who  walked into the holiday penis free like your favorite problematic  aunties! Everybody who got gifts AND sex can kick rocks.
In  our final single digit episode, Drea’s deciding which viral internet  star gets the “scissor” special & Jia’s fed the f*ck up with  scheduled peen appointments.
Additionally,  we’re putting Tinder jawns (who already have a girlfriend) on BLAST  & offering a 26 year old virgin tips on how to properly set that  thang out for the first time. Major takeaway: Porn ain’t real, but raw  dick is sneaky & undefeated!
PS: We’re still committed to skull dragging B. Smith’s husband ON SIGHT!
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