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Keene Point of View

Jamin Keene

Keene Point of View
87 MIN2018 JUN 29
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Hello Keenes and Queens...

Welcome to another episode of Keene Point of View. I apologize for not getting this out last week as I was sick and this week am still dealing with it, but the episode is finally edited and up now.

Enjoy this week's discussion with @blowticious and me discussing how she wrote a book as a child and how hypervisibility online does not equate to the same kind of fame as celebrity; Donald Trump's shenanigans with North Korea; white evangelical Christians' hypocrisy in supporting Donald Trump but claiming to love Jesus the most; how American Christianity is finally dying; how "Pose" is a show you need to watch and we talk about 4 other LGBT shows; remembering the Pulse nightclub shooting victims; and the benefits of therapy.

Enjoy listening and subscribe and share! Thank you all so much!

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