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Keene Point of View

Jamin Keene

Keene Point of View
21 MINAPR 11
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The podcast is back!

This week's topics:

  • The awful response to COVID-19 from the Federal government. This is embarrassing to be the world's foremost superpower and not be equipped to handle a pandemic. Why is it this bad?!

  • Churches in Florida and Texas are still having services and also in Kansas. The reason why is very simple. It's also arguably a sin.

  • Gay men can donate blood now. It only took a pandemic for it to happen. That's not good.

  • I tell you how to choose the best gay white man for dating interracially. Don't bother trying to figure out how I know what I know. Just learn and stop thinking I'm a ho...anymore. :-)

  • Bum of the Week and Boo of the Week.

  • An announcement about a web series I wrote that is doing something where you can see it before it becomes a series.

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