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Terrible, Thanks For Asking

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Terrible, Thanks For Asking
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For many people, the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis was the latest graphic instance of a Black American being killed by the police -- and his homicide the most recent national example of historic, institutional discrimination against people of color and indigenous groups.

Our colleagues at Call to Mind -- an APM / MPR initiative to inform and mobilize new conversations about mental health -- recently put a spotlight on the trauma of Black Americans and how it intersects with policing. Today, we're sharing the panelists' important conversations with you.

Thank you to:

- Angela Davis, host of MPR News with Angela Davis on Minnesota Public Radio. Find Angela on Twitter: @AngelaDavisMPR

- Resmaa Menakem, founder of Justice Leadership Solutions in Minneapolis and author of "My Grandmother's Hands: Racialized Trauma and the Pathway to Mending Our Hearts and Bodies." Find Resmaa on Twitter: @ResmaaMenakem

- Justin Terrell, executive director of Council for Minnesotans of African Heritage. Find Justin on Twitter: @JTerrell41

- Brittany Lewis, founder and CEO of Research in Action and University of Minnesota researcher at the Center for Urban and Regional Affairs. Find Brittany on Twitter: @Brit_Lewis