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Wrapped In Richness Podcast

Renay Cheyenne

Wrapped In Richness Podcast
11 min2018 OCT 15
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Hello from your host Renay Cheyenne!
Opening/ Closing Affirmations
I affirm that I am Worthy
I affirm that I am Rich
I affirm that everything that I am owed I will have when it is my time!
I affirm that I am wrapped in Richness from my head to my toes and that this truly does start with my mindset!
We are now in our rich state in the rich zone! So, let’s hop into today’s show!
Today we are talking about Balance
How your life is going
Your Goals
The future

When things don’t go the way we planned.

3 questions to ask yourself to be honest about
~Am I being responsible with my time?
~What am I doing consistently with my time?
~Have I achieved Balance in my life?

Music - Rich Nigga Shit Plies instrumental by Hipstrumentals. I do not own any rights to the music found off of youtube.

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