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Wrapped In Richness Podcast

Renay Cheyenne

Wrapped In Richness Podcast
13 min2018 OCT 1
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Opening/ Closing affirmation

I affirm that I am worthy
I affirm that I am Rich
I affirm that everything I am owned I will have when it is my time!
I affirm that I am wrapped in Richness from my head to my toes and that this truly does start with my mindset!

Now that we are in our Rich state! In the Rich Zone and like always I wanna say welcome to those that are new and to those returning. I hope you didn’t leave the rich zone but if you did it’s okay we are glad that you are back!


I am your host Renay Cheyenne on The Wrapped In Richness The Rich Journey Podcast!

Today I want to talk about solitude and self reflection

Solitude is spending time with self by self!
Watch self development video podcasts
Motivational videos podcasts
Inspirational videos podcasts
Listen to yourself
Listen to your body

Self reflection
Check in with yourself
Pass goals
Did you or did you not accomplish them
What held you back
What kept you going
Write new goals

This is the time for you to pour into yourself. Get re-centered don’t feel bad about it. There will be times that it inconveniences others but you come first!
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