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Soulfire Radio

Alea Marie Quiles

Soulfire Radio
6 minSEP 1
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In this short and sweet episode I describe a couple different ways you can use this podcast. Since most of the episodes will be tarot card pulls, you can use this podcast as a daily card reading, or use a few episodes as a full reading! How that works, is come to this podcast, and you can ask a question and let your intuition be the guide. Whatever message and episode you land on will hold the key. Another way is asking what you should focus on for Maiden / Mother / Crone or Mind / Body / Spirit and again let your intuition be the guide for which episodes to listen to for the respective cards. If you would like more tips, trick, tools, head over to my FB group >> Soulfire Sisterhood or visit me online at TheSoulfireWay.com You can also find FREE guidance with my 11 Day Oracle Reading or my FREE Nighttime Body Scan Meditation. You can also schedule a reading or custom meditation HERE If you feel like someone needs to hear this message or would like to join you on your journey, please...