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Alea Marie Quiles

Soulfire Radio
19 minSEP 22
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This week we are talking all about the Divine Masculine energy that resides within us all. Within all living things and thought forms. The duality within this 3D plane of existence. The Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine are not genders, merely the "labels" we have given to the duality of opposing energies - Action and Flow, 3D & 5D, Structure + Chaos, Direction + Creation. In this episode I picked yet another a card from the beautiful deck The Secret Language of Light by Denise Jarvie. Your Divine Masculine offers stability, security, support, and is responsible. It is humble, has integrity, is protective. The Divine Masculine is focused, confident, logical, and bares no judgement. This aspect is also deeply present. It speaks to you through inspiration, synchronicity, and feelings in the gut. Listen today as I discuss what this means for you, and the collective, and a meditation to help you access the leader in your life and reign in your kingdom. If you would like more tips, trick, tools, head over to my FB group >> Soulfire Sisterhood or visit me online at TheSoulfireWay.com You can also find FREE guidance with my 11 Day Oracle Reading or try my FREE Nighttime Body Scan Meditation. You can also schedule a reading or custom meditation HERE. If this message spoke to your soul or if you feel someone else needs to hear it, I'd love for you to take a screenshot and share it in your IG stories! Tag me @TheAleaMarie! See you on the path next week!