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CyberSpeak's Podcast

Bret Padres and Ovie Carroll

CyberSpeak's Podcast
60 min2011 AUG 22
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CYBERSPEAK Notes - Aug 21st, 2011


I attended a nice Apple Forensic Event this week in Reston VA - Saw a lot of friends and had a good time.  Ryan gave a great presentation on Apple forensics.  Ryan runs the AppleExaminer.com 

Paraben's Forensic Innovation Conference 

PFIC is fast approaching and you know, it's becoming one of the the must attend conference each year for digital forensic and eDiscovery professionals. This year, there are seven pre-conference bootcamps that are included in your conference registration fee of $399.00. You can attend any single bootcamp and then the rest of the conference tracks and labs for this rate.  This is all being brought to you by our friends over at the Paraben Corporation (Amber Schroader). 

You can register by heading over to pfic-conference.com

http://www.forensicswiki.org - We all should go check this site out, sign up for an account and start contributing.  This is the way we can all give back to the community.  Write a How-To or something to give back to the forensic community. 

Listener Email -

Richardo from Navada Concerned about those performing collateral duty of doing digital forensic examinations.  Frustrated to read article after article in digital forensic publications that cover the deconstruction of a complicated piece of malware. he would rather have articles that rehashed digital forensic basics and covered free automated/low cost tools that help me do my job efficiently and reliably.


London Police are using Flicker to allow the public to help identify people involved in the looting following riots in London. 





Welcome back to the show Drew Fahey, VP of Products at Blackbag Technologies. 

Web Sites of the Week-


http://t.co/vEmtzCA - A guide to FaceBook Security

KEEP THE EMAILS COMING to CyberSpeak@gmail.com