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CyberSpeak's Podcast

Bret Padres and Ovie Carroll

CyberSpeak's Podcast
48 min2017 FEB 4
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New show in the Feed!

HackerNinjaScissors --  With Bret Padres. www.crypsisgroup.com

New CyberSpeak Podcast reboot in the works.  In the mean time check out this new show.

In the inaugural show of HackerNinjaScissors, Bret Padres interviews Robert M Lee.

Robert M. Lee is the CEO and Founder of the critical infrastructure cyber security company Dragos where he has a passion for control system traffic analysis, digital forensics, and threat intelligence research. He is also a non-resident National Cybersecurity Fellow at New America focusing on policy issues relating to the cyber security of critical infrastructure. For his research and focus areas, Robert was named one of Passcode’s Influencers, awarded EnergySec’s Cyber Security Professional of the Year (2015), and inducted into Forbes’ 30 under 30 for Enterprise Technology (2016).

Links mentioned in the show:

- dragos.com
- @RobertMLee
- robertmlee.org
- littlebobbycomic.com
- @_LittleBobby
- https://www.amazon.com/Threat-Intelligence-Me-Children-Analysts/dp/1541148819