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Feedback with EarBuds

Arielle Nissenblatt

Feedback with EarBuds
7 minJUL 13
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Black lives matter and we will continue to amplify BIPOC (Black, indigenous, people of color) voices in podcasting.

Welcome to episode 41. It covers the week of July 13 - 17.

This week’s theme is: *Authentically Yours.* The curator is Dawn Sherine.

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More on this podcast:
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Here are the episodes chosen by Dawn this week.

Well Spoken Tokens
Decolonizing the GLAM Sector
31 minutes
In todays episode Jass and Esther talk about dealing with Ms Rona, Decolonisation in the GLAM sector in relation to Black Panther and James Acaster and their 'Mighty Whites.'

Authentic Hour by Kefiloe Sello

What Does Being Gay Mean to Me?
13 minutes
Here’s the description: this is the 2nd episode, expressing what being gay means to Kefiloe Sello, the host of the podcast..

Perfectly Flawed
Her World Blew Apart
28 minutes
Here’s the description of this podcast: A place to find an empowered community of sisters who challenge, and encourage others to see the not only the perfection in our flaws, but to no longer be defined by them.

Musings of a Modern Muslim
My COVID-19 Experience
45 minutes

In this episode, Freeni recounts her firsthand experience with the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and her journey to recovery.

A Teen's Perspective
13 Year Old Learning How to Get Along with Brother
28 minutes
In this episode, Listen as this 13 year old discusses how Covid-19 has impacted her relationship with her brother

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