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But Would You Kiss?

Milly & Jessica

But Would You Kiss?
61 minMAY 11
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Episode 6 has arrived naked and on a skateboard in the form of Bruce Willis, baby! We’re talkin’ one of the most beloved action stars of all time, we’re talkin’ one of the coolest celeb couples in history, we’re talkin’ Bald by Choice! What else we talking in this ep? We’re Tired, Tragically Hot for Cartoons,  “Research” (Porn), Little Boy Movie, He’s COOL, The Return of Bruno, Father Little Richard (RIP), To Quarantine with an Ex?, He Got A Gun, and The Girls Get Sweaty.

Join us as we take a close (closer than necessary) look at Bruce, his career, his band, and above all else, his mouth.

Cover art by Bethania Viana. 

Theme music by Matt Gianitsos. 

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