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But Would You Kiss?

Milly & Jessica

But Would You Kiss?
65 minAUG 17
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Oh, we’ve missed you, babies! Since things have been hectic (globally, mentally, etc.), we decided to have a little grounding moment. Welcome to our Catch-Up, where we get in a little goss, a little horniness, a little pop cultch. And then join us as we dip our toes into the pool of younger men...whomst could we be talking about? You’ll have to pucker up and listen in ;)

Moments to look forward to - Ketchup Edition; Bitchy Discourse; Achingly Beautiful Boys; Hunky Hunk Hunk; Short King; Corny Collins Sex; Don’t Want No Scrubs; Best Dressed; World’s Worst Back Tat; Sexy Swede; Reigning Chris; and more!

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Thanks to Bethania Viana for our cover art and Matt Gianitsos for our theme music <3


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