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But Would You Kiss?

Milly & Jessica

But Would You Kiss?
55 minMAY 4
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Hoist up your boomboxes and crank your Peter Gabriel, this week’s man is none other than John Cusack! From little nerd to leading man to political activist, we’re bopping our way through the life of the 80’s darling. We cover a whole lot of ground int his ep: Big Head ‘Bama, Zoey’s Incredible List of Songs, Delicious Dmitri, Jessica’s Confession and Milly’s Acceptance, Skeevy Skeevy Skeeve, Smile More Sweetcheeks!, Wiki Shade, Mile High Club, The Pinkos/Cusack Feud, Stalking, and Mouth Under Microscope. 

Come for Dmitri from Anastasia, stay for the story of John hating Milly. Apply your Bubblegum Lip Smackers, or don’t!

Cover art by Bethania Viana. 

Theme music by Matt Gianitsos. 


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