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But Would You Kiss?

Milly & Jessica

But Would You Kiss?
60 minJUN 15
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Smooth your eyebrows down, honey, this week we’re all about Peter Gallagher. From stage to screen to other screen, this inky-haired hottie has been keeping us entertained with his smooth voice and flawless face for decades. On the docket: Paying Our Respects; PG-13; Why Buy the Cow?; Butter on Toast; Broadway Baby; Peter Finebaum; Thicc Brows; Doused in EVOO; Pencil Mustache; Fat Lips; Ernesto; Don’t Hate the Player, Hate the Role. 

Join us as we fawn over honorary Jew PG, and ask yourself the age old question...would I kiss him?


JUSTICE FOR MAURICE GORDON - https://www.change.org/p/new-jersey-state-police-justice-for-maurice-gordon-jr?signed=true 

Info on Maurice Gordon - https://www.vox.com/identities/2020/6/9/21285536/maurice-gordon-police-shooting-explained

Number and email for representatives you can contact to demand that Randall Wetzel be held accountable- 

609-693-6700 (for all three reps below)

Senator Christopher J. Connors, senconnors@njleg.org

DiAnne Gove, aswgove@njleg.org

Brian E. Rumpf, asmrumpf@njleg.org

Office of Attorney General Division on Criminal Justice: Veronica Allende (Director) 609-984-6500 dcjtipline@njdcj.org 


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