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But Would You Kiss?

Milly & Jessica

But Would You Kiss?
56 minJUL 23
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Caption: Willem Dafoe? More like Willem Dafriend, baby! Open up your brain and your heart to consider the Green Goblin’s lips, why don’t you? Whether he’s screaming at R-Patz or being praised for literally playing Jesus, the world has decided Dafoe is Da Way to Go, and we are no exception. Join us as we talk Gravel ‘Gasm; SQUEAMISH; Why Is It So Big???; I Am the Rat; Lacking Sensuality; Speaking of Killing; Birds n Bees; Silly Sex Scenes; Not His Talent; Hot Button Ish’s; Why Isn’t It More Gay?; and Worthy of the BDE.

Pucker up, but watch out for those sharp teeth.

Cover art: Bethania Viana

Theme music: Matt Gianitsos

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