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Artifice Podcast by Emily Merrell

88 min2020 SEP 8
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As a collaborative pianist, I’m stoked by opportunities to experiment, adapt, and communicate with all kinds of people, connecting musicians, performers, and audiences as they experience music together. My musical training required countless hours spent studying scales and scores in isolated rooms where my only companions were pianos and metronomes. This solitary time was meant to prepare me for moments on stage, performing sonatas, etudes, and concertos in competitions that were intended to set me on a concert pianist’s career. Like many “serious” pianists, I found that I wasn’t well-suited to life as a professional soloist; I did, however, find great meaning in applying my skills as a solo pianist to collaborative music-making and teaching. Working WITH all kinds of people sets me down paths a concert hall career couldn’t have. I’ve worked as a church music director, a dueling pianist, an audition accompanist, a Billy Joel impersonator, and a musician for weddings and funer...