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Artifice Podcast by Emily Merrell

90 min2020 SEP 29
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J. Amber Egbert is a studio artist as well as an adjunct faculty member Brigham Young University. She received her BS from Utah State University (1998) and her MFA from Brigham Young University (2016). She is an artist that works primarily in clay. Her work often combines hand built, slip cast and wheel thrown components. When creating her work she seeks for quiet, rhythmic balance between contrasting or opposing elements. She sees these elements often present themselves in her observations and interpretations of motion versus stillness, literal versus symbolic, masculine versus feminine, decorative versus stark. Often these elements seem to conflict and to present difficulty when trying to exist side-by-side, yet often they do. She enjoys the interplay between tradition, decoration and sparse minimalism. You can find her work on Instagram at @jamberegbert, on the web at jamberart.com, and in person at 15th Street Gallery in Salt Lake City.