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New Worlds Books Author Interviews

Sandi Bird Aldridge

New Worlds Books Author Interviews
36 min2020 MAY 5
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Today's guest author is Gina Moore, author of How Will They Know? It's not Religion - It is Relationship. You can find Gina online at https://www.facebook.com/GinaMarieMoore2016/

To check out her book on Amazon, go to https://www.amazon.com/How-Will-They-Know-Relationship-ebook/dp/B01FYSK7LY/

About the book (From Amazon):

Gina shares some of her most intimate encounters with the supernatural Spirit of God in this gripping, true story of her life in the Spirit realm. She counts it pure joy to recount the victories she has won through the power of the Holy Spirit of God; It is Him who gives us power to overcome the spiritual realm of darkness!

Gina is a simple country girl, from Iowa, that was touched by God, at the tender age of 8. She is called to fulfill the purpose that God had planned for her. Although she ran from God at times, and has had many stumbling blocks in life to overcome; she presses on, and continues to conquer every obstacle, as she stays in relationship with God the Father, His Son Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit. Through the battles of life, she continues to grow and be filled with the love, joy, peace and compassion of God for everyone that has also experienced, or are experiencing, some of these real life issues:

•Abuse: Physical, Sexual, Mental, or Emotional?

•Childhood Experiences, Fears, Religion instead of Relationship?

•Bullying? Teen Challenges? Adult issues?

•Single? Married? Widowed? Divorced? Single Parent?

•Children? Miscarriages? Still-Born Births? Premature Births?

Special Needs Children?

•Loneliness? Emptiness? A Feeling of Something Missing?

•Sickness? Disease? Pain? Worry? Stress? Financial Hardships?

•Alcohol? Drugs: Street and/or Pharmaceuticals?

•Sexual Deviations, Dysfunction, Addictions, Or your own Bad Choices?

•Near Death? Deaths of Family and Friends?

•Depression, ADD, ADHD, OCD, PTSD, Or any other of Life’s Entanglements?

Gina has you on the edge of your seat as she weaves in and out of her spiritual walk with God. She lays herself down and allows the Holy Spirit of God to be revealed in this compelling true story of relationship; not religion. Her only desire is to be an instrument in God’s hands to bring hope to the hopeless, joy to the sorrowful, peace for the troubled, and healing for the mind, body, and soul. God gives beauty for ashes! This thought provoking memoir will challenge you and it does come with a warning: Anyone who dares to read the words written in this spiritual memoir that is anointed by the power of the Holy Spirit, will be changed. Your life will never be the same. It is not an accident or coincidence that this book is in your hands. It has been ordained by God.




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