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34 minMAY 5
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Y’all are some good-ass writers! When we put out the call for poems in response to our prompts, we didn’t know we were going to get such a wonderful collection of pieces from you beautiful listeners. We couldn’t include them all in Episode 6, so we put together a special listener-only episode full of your work. Enjoy what your podpeople have created!

Listener poems in this episode:

“Untitled poem for the apocalypse” by Angelina Mazza
“What we need right now” by Anneka Hooft
“Independence Song” by Belinda Munyeza
“Hell’s Kitchen” by Bobby Larson
“Taxidermied Peacock” by Bri Marino
“Dispensed With” by Ciel
“A Reminder From This World” by Haru Matsuura
“Untitled” by Irene Vazquez
“The Gathering” by Isobel Rutherford
“A poem by a half-finished painting in my living room” by Jake Pruitt
“Girl in Isolation” by Jireh Deng
“How many different shades of blue” by Latifa Akay
“The Coffee Table Speaks During Quarantine” by Mehrnoosh Torbatnejad
“april, 2020” by Mina Yu
“My imagination decides the size of my fear” by Nicole Arocho Hernandez
“The Analog Who Broke the Camel’s Lap-top” by Carlos Pittella
“Voicemail No. 47” by Quentin Felton
“The Stovetop Misses Talking Shit” by Raji Ganesan
“Invisible Speaker - Garden Mouse” by Oluwaseun Olayiwola
“In the World Right Now” by Tiffany Wong-Jones
“Instructions for a Contemporary Pastoral” by torrin a. greathouse

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