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The Global Lithium Podcast

Joe Lowry

The Global Lithium Podcast
48 min2020 NOV 29
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My favorite lithium event of the year is Panorama Minero's  “Lithium South America”. I had the opportunity to keynote at this event in Salta in 2018 and Jujuy in 2019. This year at the virtual event I participated by doing a live Global Lithium Podcast with a great co-host, Carlos Galli, who conveyed the questions from the audience and added his own insightful commentary.

Topics include:

Why OEMs are not investing in lithium and when this will likely change

The bifurcated market in both quality and price

Covid’s impact on the lithium demand

The coming shortage of battery quality lithium

Tesla’s lithium failure

Why Argentina should “build a lithium bridge” to Europe

The Future of DLE 

My ranking of the “Top Five” lithium players

Bolivia – the land of lithium dreams

In addition I make a few comments on the "divorce" of Livent and E3 Metals