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Twist and Shout Media Podcast

Twist and Shout Media

Twist and Shout Media Podcast
25 min2016 MAY 5
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It’s finally here! It's Twist and Shout Media’s first ever podcast (surprising, really, considering how much we love to talk)! Our first episode sees (hears?) our UK and US Creative Directors asking the question “is comedy a risk in B2B Marketing?” and we go behind the scenes of our free Parental Controls films on making safe online platforms for kids. Pretty awesome, huh? How can we top THAT off? BOOM! We ALSO have an exciting on-set interview with Actress Monique Mundle and find out how her character Ellie has changed in this summer’s release of Restricted Intelligence Season 4!

Big shout out and thank you to:
Jim Shields
Rob McCollum
Monique Mundle
Richard Leverton