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AhhGee Podcast Series 2

AhhGee Productions

AhhGee Podcast Series 2
44 min2015 AUG 10
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Ladies and gentlemen you are in for a treat. You get to listen in on the rarely-heard vocal warm up session of the AhhGee Podcast! Michael Bell has added some extra musical instruments that he… acquired from work… “five finger discount style”. But these instruments cannot help Michael Bell escape from the realisation that he is old. Especially after his visit to Camden, London.In this week’s Texas The Psychic Horse the psychic pony gets in touch with a cat with an Egyptian past. Then Andy and Michael Bell then proceed to educate Grax in all the wonderful things that the Egyptians created. Apparently.During the news the trio discuss how they would wine and dine their sheep… if they were hypothetically romantically involved with one. Plus Andy does the top 10 run down of stains that appear on sofas.All this plus your weekly #BurningQuestions, #MikesPoem, and a sudden MAX INTERVENTION!Do you like to watch your Texas? Then look no further then the video below:Mentions@beeroclockshow(Vote for them for the UK Podcast award by going to http://newmediaeurope.com/2015/uk-podcasters-awards-the-nominations-are-in/#year)Burning Questions@JoJoLiza@MCGibbo007Lucy Davs@natashathehuman@sarahmjamesFollow us on Social Media sites:www.twitter.com/ahhgeeprodwww.facebook.com/ahhgeeprodwww.youtube.com/ahhgeeproductionswww.vine.co/ahhgeeproductions@GraxBishop@MichaelBell86@WhimsyOfAndySubscribe to the AhhGee Podcast