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AhhGee Podcast Series 2

AhhGee Productions

AhhGee Podcast Series 2
2 min2015 DEC 9
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Hi everyone. Grax here from AhhGee Productions. I’m here for a public service announcement.The AhhGee Podcast has moved it’s podcast feed to a new service. This means that this podcast feed that you are currently listening to has been archived. This feed will not be updated and you will have to resubscribe to the AhhGee Podcast.And you really want to resubscribe to the AhhGee Podcast! This new series is some of the best stuff that we’ve ever produced! We have top quality chat between myself, Andy and Michael Bell (ding), we have a weekly Ask AhhGee where we help out people with personal problems and we have a weekly audio soap opera called Cul-de-sac. You don’t want to miss this!You can open up your iTunes or other podcast listening app right now and search for AhhGee. The AhhGee Podcast will show up in the result and you can then subscribe to the new feed. Alternatively go to ahhgeeproductions.com/subscribe and you can resubscribe to the AhhGee Podcast via iTunes, Stitcher, or your favourite podcast listening service. If you can’t find your favourite podcast listening service on our website or if you need any other help subscribing to our podcast, then get in touch with us at twitter.com/ahhgeeprod.Thank you for your continued support, from listening to our show to sharing it with your friends, families and enemies. It really means so much to us and we will continue to make the best show that is heard around the world.