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Important Question? Podcast

Caleb J. Ross and Gordon Highland

Important Question? Podcast
21 min2017 APR 10
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St. Patrick’s Day has come and gone, and with it the temporary championing of Irishness and the drunkenness that–mostly likely unfairly–defines the irish heritage, at least to us Americans who will jump at any chance to commandeer another country’s heritage to the detriment of our livers.

Where did the vice association start? And why? On a long enough timeline, a seminal alcoholic in Ireland must have consciously decided to gift whisky to the bloodstream of his future bloodline. “Your descendants will thank ye, Ronan McShane O’Sullivan.”

And we have a great time with it this one holiday in March each year, but is it worth it. Today we ask, would you be okay with your heritage being defined by a vice?

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