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Beat Your Competition

by Analyzing Performance Data, a course by Shane Battier.

Shane Battier

Shane Battier

Former NBA player

Beat Your Competition
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In this masterclass, Battier unearths the bedrock of any productivity regimen—goal setting, habit formation, and a winning mindset—using his own journey to the NBA as a guide. You’ll also be introduced to comparative data analysis techniques and team development strategies to help you beat the competition in your industry.

What You'll Learn

  • How to be a team player

  • How to optimize your performance

  • How to analyze performance data

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3 Episodes

1. Be A Team Player


Former basketball player Shane Battier was given the unofficial moniker “the no stat all-star” by the NBA. Battier’s career wasn’t based on scoring; his popularity with fans and teammates was driven by the fact that every team he played on did better when he was on the court than when he was on the bench, despite his average scoring stats.

2. Study Your Rivals


As with any innovation that begets a considerable competitive advantage, the underlying idea of sabermetrics — the replacement of biased speculation with impenetrable knowledge — has been translated across sports. The National Basketball Association, for instance, rather recently entered “a golden age of analytics.”

3. Analyze Performance Data


In this lesson, two-time NBA champion Shane Battier explores how advanced basketball analytics contributed to his personal game plan on the court. Data allows for a greater competitive advantage, says Battier. When every point comes at a premium, it’s vital to understand on a deeper level the intricacies and nuances of the game.

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