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Understanding the US Economy

Why the economy matters

Michelle Meyer

Michelle Meyer

Head of US Economics at Bank of America

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As managing director and head of U.S. economics at BofA Merrill Lynch Global Research, Michelle Meyer not only has to understand the macroeconomic principles that influence things like GDP, inflation, and Federal Reserve policy, she also has to be able to explain them to other people. In this course, Michelle will demystify the United States Economy, and show how and why it affects everything in our lives. 

What You'll Learn

  • How the pandemic has affected the economy

  • Why wage inequality exists and why it matters

  • How economists think about the world we live in


8 Episodes

1. Understanding the US Economy


Learn the basics of the United States economy

2. The Federal Reserve & Inflation


What is the Federal Reserve and how does inflation impact our daily lives?

3. How the Pandemic Affected the Economy


A look into Covid-19 and its effect on the U.S. Economy

4. How the Economy and the Stock Market Intersect


How does the economy impact the stock market and your money?

5. Understanding a Recession and the Economic Outlook


What we need to know about a recession and how the economy reacts

6. Wage Inequality


Why does wage inequality exist in America and how can we fix it?

7. Explaining the Economy to Kids


How can we teach economics to kids?

8. Becoming an Economist


How does someone become an economist and how can women can excel in the role?

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