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The Signal


The Signal
17 min2020 JUN 30
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Australia's relationship with China at the moment is toxic and dangerous, and Chinese state media isn't helping.

Yesterday, under the headline "Australia wages espionage offensive against China", the Chinese Communist Party tabloid Global Times accused Australia of trying to bug the Chinese embassy in Canberra, citing one anonymous source.

It also suggested that Australian spies had been caught "red-handed" with a compass, a USB drive, and a paper map of Shanghai, and said Australia had been planting fake stories about China in western media.

It all seems pretty strange, and some of the basic details are wrong.

So why do stories like this find a receptive audience within China?

Today on The Signal, there's a version of 20th century history you've probably never heard, but that every Chinese citizen learns in school.

It's feeding into pretty much every dispute China has with the West in 2020, whether it's to do with Hong Kong, espionage or COVID-19.

So how do Australia and the West look from behind that lens? And what does it mean for our disintegrating diplomatic ties?


Jianan Qian, Writer