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The Jasmine Star Show

Jasmine Star

The Jasmine Star Show
32 min2019 NOV 19
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We all know that change is inevitable. I mean, 15 years ago I was on track to become a lawyer! Could you imagine where all of us would be NOW? You’d be listening to someone else’s podcast…. Or maybe still mine but it would be a whooooole different ball game. In today’s podcast, we’re talking about PIVOTING your business with your passions. Maybe you are in the midst of that change now or maybe it is on the horizon *whether or not you can see it yet!*. Pivoting can look both big (like,you’re completely changing your career to something else entirely) or small (like staying within your industry but changing what service you are focusing on). So what are you going to do when that change comes? Here’s the thing, boo boo: I want you to EMBRACE the change! I never want you reaching a wall and thinking, Is this it?. I don’t want you feeling stuck like that gum on the bottom of your shoe! I want to dare you to dream, to dream big for your business and for yourself. So listen if you’re ready to transition yourself and learn: How to find what only YOU were made to do How to shift your messaging and communicate change to your followers How to provide a clear transformation for your community How to become an authority to your audience How to incite FOMO (the fear of missing out) online >> What you do should fire you up and give you life! << So take it one step at a time… and be unafraid to DREAM BIG! Read the show notes and learn about each guest here: https://jasminestar.com/podcast/episode14. To join Social Curator and be coached by yours truly, check It out here: https://www.socialcurator.com