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The Jasmine Star Show

Jasmine Star

The Jasmine Star Show
11 min2019 NOV 28
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Ya’ll know that Norman Rockwell painting of the classy family around the Thanksgiving table? The one where the mom is holding a perfectly golden turkey and the dad is dressed in a suit beaming with pride. Growing up I went into every Thanksgiving with that picture in mind and let’s just say my family is known to have frozen turkey and clothing is optional. We are not your all American family. While our dinners never looked like what I imagined, I've learned to find gratitude in the mess of it all because that's the trick. >>The key to finding happiness is gratitude.<< There’s always something to be thankful for. Boo, I hope you make time to find beauty in everything. So let’s simply take a moment to realize just how blessed we are today. If you want to hear more about my crazy family Thanksgivings and learn to find happiness through gratitude then take a listen! If you'd like to read the show notes for this episode, you can do so here: https://jasminestar.com/podcast/episode17. Happy Thanksgiving to you, friend!