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The Jasmine Star Show

Jasmine Star

The Jasmine Star Show
28 min2019 NOV 14
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Where my procrastination friends at? You raising your hand or did you already hop off this podcast platform and start looking up dog videos? *you know that’s my kryptonite* You are not alone. Every single one of us procrastinate to some capacity. But here’s the thing... >>Procrastination is the highest form of selfishness.<< Yeah I said it, and I’m not backing down boo boo! Every minute you waste is robbing others from your greatest purpose. It’s robbing your friends, your partner, your children, your community. It’s robbing the people you are intended to serve. And if you’re thinking “I don’t procrastinate, I’m just a perfectionist waiting for the right moment”. I want to hit you in the face with this quote: >>“Perfection is just procrastination in disguise”<< Perfect doesn’t exist Buttercup. You’re just wasting valuable time. All the time you wait trying to make something perfect is you not putting yourself or your product into this world. You will not know how to make your product or service better until you take it out to market. So stop robbing others of what you could be serving them with! If you’re ready to take your messy self and quit making excuses and quit getting side tracked scrolling through instagram or reading the latest celebrity gossip in US Weekly... *yes I’m guilty of this too* … then listen to this podcast and read the show notes here; https://jasminestar.com/podcast/episode13a