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Meat and Three

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Meat and Three
24 min2020 JUN 13
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COVID-19 is the biggest public health crisis since the early days of the AIDS epidemic some thirty years ago. The fear, isolation, and economic devastation surrounding this pandemic has been physically AND emotionally overwhelming for many of us. This week, we delve into the unseen effects of the pandemic on our emotional well-being. 

At the top of the show we hear from Darcel Dillard-Suite of Full Circle Health in the Bronx. Then Bryce Buyakie reports on shifting perceptions of body image during the pandemic and Tash Kimmell explores the experience of eating alone in isolation. Matt Patterson and the hosts of Processing, Zahra Tangorra and Bobbie Comforto, discuss how Covid-19’s toll on the service industry has affected the mental health of restaurant workers. Jenny Goodman, co-host of Opening Soon, speaks with Steve Palmer, the co-founder of Ben’s Friends about how the support group is helping people in the restaurant industry stay sober in increasingly challenging times.

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