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Chris Simms Unbuttoned

Chris Simms

Chris Simms Unbuttoned
94 minOCT 6
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Browns Twitter came at Chris with a vengeance for some old comments, so he responds. And as always, he and Ahmed touch on every game from Sunday.

(3:50) Deep Dive #1: Bucs def. Chargers - Who was more impressive: Tom Brady or Justin Herbert?

(27:50) Victory Lap: Seahawks def. Dolphins - Back when Chris called DK Metcalf "one of the can't-miss prospects of the draft"

(32:50) Self-Scout Thyself: Saints def. Lions - Drew Brees starts letting it loose

(39:30) Colts def. Bears - Was it more bad Nick Foles or good Colts defense?

(43:40) 49ers def. Eagles - On Nick Mullens: "He was the reason they lost that game"

(50:30) Deep Dive #2: Browns def. Cowboys - Browns Twitter demands a Chris apology

(1:10:45) Take It Up to 100: Vikings def. Texans - Justin Jefferson is showing off all his skills

(1:15:00) Damn! Okay: Bills def. Raiders - Stefon Diggs is up there for the best offseason acquisition

(1:17:00) Panthers def. Cardinals - 8 men in the box can't stop Mike Davis

(1:20:20) Ravens def. Washington - "I would take Marlon Humphrey over Jalen Ramsey right now"

(1:22:30) Give Me The Headlines: Rams def. Giants - "A win is a win"

(1:25:15) Bengals def. Jaguars - "Not your ordinary Joes"

(1:28:00) Trevor Lawrence Power Rankings - We have a new team at #2