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Chris Simms Unbuttoned

Chris Simms

Chris Simms Unbuttoned
85 minOCT 8
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Chris and Paulie B pay tribute to Eddie Van Halen before they dive into the film of Week 4 with another What The F&^# Happened?

(3:30) What The F^*! Happened? Chiefs def. Patriots: How did Bill Belichick slow Patrick Mahomes (again)?

(21:45) Was Brian Hoyer as bad as he looked? (Spolier alert: yeah, he was)

(33:20) Saints def. Lions: Why did Drew Brees throw deeper this week?

(42:25) Bills def. Raiders: Chris is tired of the Josh Allen disrespect.

(52:20) Derek Carr and the Raiders keep missing opportunities.

(56:15) Panthers def. Cardinals: Is it time to worry about Kyler Murray?

(1:06:15)Colts def. Bears: "The Colts are the best defense in football"

(1:16:15) QUARTERback Jeopardy: Chris goes for his first 5-for-5 performance