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Chris Simms Unbuttoned

Chris Simms

Chris Simms Unbuttoned
104 minOCT 15
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Chris and Paul "Paulie" Burmeister debate Tuesday Night Football vs Thursday Night Football, and then put a cap on Week 5 with What The F&^# Happened?

(3:40) What The F^*! Happened? Titans def. Bills: Is Ryan Tannehill a Top 5 QB?

(13:45) Chris gives Josh Allen's game a C+

(31:00) Saints def. Chargers: Stop blitzing Justin Herbert

(44:15) How did Drew Brees and Sean Payton turn it around?

(54:25) Seahawks def. Vikings: Is there any hope for the Seattle defense?

(1:02:40) "DK Metcalf is now the best receiver in the NFL"

(1:17:50) Steelers def. Eagles: "Yes, Chase Claypool is that much of a freak"

(1:25:30) Was this Carson Wentz's best game of the season?

(1:33:50) Quarterback Jeopardy: TWOsday night football edition