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Chris Simms Unbuttoned

Chris Simms

Chris Simms Unbuttoned
81 minOCT 22
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Ahmed promises to make our pod Top 2 in the Dominican Republic, and then the guys put a cap on Week 6 with What The F^*! Happened?

(4:10) Titans def. Texans: "Ryan Tannehill isn't a game manager. He's a game winner."

(17:40) Pour one out for Deshaun Watson

(22:20) Chiefs def. Bills: Is there a silver lining for Buffalo's defense?

(35:30) Broncos def. Patriots: Was this good Denver D or a bad New England O? And Chris is taking names on Twitter

(45:10) The stats lie with Drew Lock. And why are the Pats not starting JC Jackson?

(54:00) 49ers def. Rams: How Kyle Shanahan got Jimmy G back in rhythm

(1:00:30) How the 49ers took away Jared Goff's dink-and-dunks

(1:08:20) Trevor Lawrence Power Rankings: Chris power ranks Ahmed's NFC East super team