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Self Care Sundays

Aditi Juneja

Self Care Sundays
38 min2018 JUN 24
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Carla Gaskins-Nathan (she/they) is a licensed massage therapist and owner of Rooted Bodywork based in New York. As a queer person of color, Carla’s work places an emphasis on self-care for people of all backgrounds, body types, and gender identities.

As this is Carla’s second time on the show, we touch on some topics we weren’t able to address back in 2017 and expand upon some of their views on Eastern medicine, spirituality, and religious self-care practices. This time, Carla unpacks their ideas on self-soothing, cultural alienation, and the difficulty of setting boundaries with others as a gender non-conforming person.

The transcription for Carla's episode can be found here

You can schedule an appointment with Carla on the Rooted Bodywork website. You can also connect with Carla on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Episode: 117, Carla’s first time on the show can be found anywhere Self Care Sundays is streaming. As always, you can find this episode and much more on our social media @SelfCareSundays.

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