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Emily Smith, BTRtoday

Emily Smith, BTRtoday

Emily Smith, BTRtoday
63 minSEP 18
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"Beyond excited to feature tracks from Dougie Poole, Pearl Charles, Josiah Johnson (formerly of The Head and the Heart) and more incredible new tunes on the show today.

The mix starts (and ends) with Dougie Poole and music from his album, Freelancer's Blues which was released in June on Wharf Cat Records.

Head over to Dougie's bandcamp and grab this album up because it's definitely in my top five for the year. The track "Los Angeles" which starts off the show is damn near perfect and the video that accompanies (created by Allison Grosso) is quite possibly the highlight of 2020. 

Next up on the show, the first single from Pearl Charles' forthcoming album, Magic Mirror. The album drops on Kanine Records on January 21, 2021. It's nice to see that there is an end to 2020 and we'll be off to a seemingly wonderful start with the release of this record.


Josiah Johnson (The Head and The Heart) has dropped his debut solo effort, Every Feeling On A Loop. It's out now on ANTI- and you'll hear the track "Nobody Knows."

Great Peacock are in the mix with a track from their album Forever Worse Better which drops in just a couple weeks on October 9th. Get your pre-order in now!

Alison Langerak & Wyatt Tuzo are also in the mix with their track "Crossing Nebraska" which is part of 'The Subtle Incline: A Collaborative Songwriting Experiment' organized by Stereoactive Media. Each artist in the collab was given the same set of lyrics and then created a song around it. The album is available on the Stereoactive Media bandcamp and "100% of proceeds from this release will support The Beat Shop, a music production program at Workshop Houston, which serves youths in and around Houston’s Third Ward neighborhood."

00:00 - Emily (Los Angeles by Dougie Poole)
03:10 - Los Angeles - Dougie Poole
07:20 - Emily (Los Angeles by Dougie Poole)
08:46 - What I Need - Pearl Charles
11:47 - Pour Another Round - Dent May
16:14 - First Man - H. Kink
18:59 - Buddhist For A Couple of Days - Dougie Poole
23:04 - Emily (Los Angeles by Dougie Poole)
24:37 - Nobody Knows - Josiah Johnson
28:22 - Another Song - Bill Callahan
31:20 - Baskets - Jaye Bartell
35:28 - Love is Not Enough - Lydia Loveless
38:42 - Heavy Load - Great Peacock
41:18 - Emily
41:52 - Guess I Would - Jonas Carping
44:43 - High Horse - Samantha Crain
48:50 - Sweet Caroline - Slight Of
52:07 - Nebraska - Alison Langerak & Wyatt Tuzo
57:10 - Emily (Los Angeles by Dougie Poole)
58:35 - Vaping On the Job - Dougie Poole
63:58 - Finish