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Deep Sea Diver - "Stop Pretending," a 2020 self-released single.

Seattle's Deep Sea Diver has managed to adapt creatively to the stay-at-home orders. As we reported via our Sound & Vision series in April (listen here), band members Jessica Dobson and Peter Mansen have been doling out "stems" — a drum beat or guitar riff to play with and create a song out of — and then featuring the best songs every weekend via Instagram Live. The project even resulted in today's featured track, “Stop Pretending.”

"We recorded this song, 'Stop Pretending', this week, as we were continuing to stay at home," they explained via their Bandcamp page. "The song was written using a collaboration exercise that we had given to our fans as an outlet to create and find connection in a time of duress & isolation (we called it the "Stay Home Stems" series) — and it ended up also working for us — this song was written, recorded, mixed and mastered in two days at our house, & this what we have to show for it. [I] often write apocalyptic songs as way to enter a new world that juxtaposes despair with hope.. I hope it can bring a little bit of light in a dark season."

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