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Song of the Day


Song of the Day
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Gordi - "Sandwiches" from the 2020 album Our Two Skins on Jagjaguwar.

On her latest LP Our Two Skins, Australian folktronica artist Gordi (real name: Sophie Payten) mourns the passing of her beloved grandmother, Alisa, whose spirit fills the gorgeous new album. It was even recorded in her hometown. "Her whole life was in Canowindra, and that's why I wanted to make the record there," Payten explains via a press release. "We made it in a house that's a hundred meters from her house."

The title of today's Song of the Day was derived from a moment during Alisa's last day in the world. Payten explained toABC that she and her mother were making sandwiches to disperse among those visiting around her grandmother's hospital bed. “It was one of those moments where everyone was finally taking their first breath of the day that she chose to quietly slip away.”

“I’d been wanting to write a song about her and all of it, but I didn’t want it to be this terribly dreary, melancholic song, because it was a celebration of a life. So, I tried to focus on the tiny details.”

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