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Sibille Attar - “Hurt Me,” a 2020 single on PNKSLM Recordings.

Swedish singer/songwriter Sibille Attar shares a first listen of her forthcoming full-length out this fall via PNKSLM Recordings, a follow-up to her 2013 debut album Sleepyhead. Formerly a member of bands like The Tourettes and Speedmarket Avenue, Sleepyhead was the Scandinavian songstress's first solo effort, and her first on a major label. 

“Sleepyhead was my first attempt [at going solo] and I got signed to a big label and it was kind of overwhelming,” she toldBTR Today. “Being told what to do was not my favorite thing, which meant it was a lot of unnecessary struggles, and I realized I should be independent… So I had to recollect myself — I was questioning my entire motive of doing music at all because I thought the industry was so shitty. I kind of lost my confidence. When everyone starts having opinions on what you do… I started questioning myself.”

Since signing with beloved indie label PNK SLM (hear our spotlight on KEXP's Weekly Mix podcast here), her confidence has returned, as evident on today's featured track. Listen below.

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