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Konvos with Kiya

Zakiya Powell

Konvos with Kiya
--2019 NOV 22
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“You never know how important something is to you until it’s placed in jeopardy.”- Zakiya

“I have attempted to place people in boxes that they did not belong- then feel betrayed when they misuse my trust in them.” -Zakiya

Trust is defined as “the firm belief in the ability or strength of someone or something. Some people believe trust has to be earned. Others believe give their trust freely believing that once that trust is broken it cannot be restored. 

When trust is betrayed in any relationship, it leaves a feeling of emptiness. A hollowness in the space where you once held that level of trust in a person. What do you do when someone you admire, love, and have built a relationship with betrays your trust? Can you move forward? Is the damage repairable? Can the trust be rebuilt?

In this episode of Konvos with Kiya, join me as I talk through real life situations where my trust was betrayed. Through this conversation, I find myself navigating through very real emotions and finding myself in a space of not really knowing how to overcome my feelings of distrust. One thing that we must always do is remain true to ourselves. If trust is a necessity for you in all relationships then you must stick to your core principles.

Here are a few points from tonight’s Konvo with Kiya:

  1. Do not compromise your core values to remain in a situation out of love.

  2. If you decide to move forward and forgive you cannot constantly revisit the past betrayal. 

  3. Everyone serves a purpose. Be mindful of the role you allow people to play in your life! Not everyone can handle every part of you.

  4. It is okay to forgive; and move-on!