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Konvos with Kiya

Zakiya Powell

Konvos with Kiya
--2019 DEC 6
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“Some people were not raised on love; they were raised on survival.” -Zakiya

“You cannot force someone to love you the way you want to be loved.” -Zakiya

“Love looks different for everyone.”- Zakiya

“Love evolves as you grow together in a relationship.” -Zakiya

What is love and can it be defined? Is it an action? Is it a feeling? Is it all of the above? Do you know love when you see love? Do you know love when you feel it? Can you receive love? Can you give love?

I have heard so many ideas of what people think love is. How it should feel? How someone should express their love. To be quite honest, I don’t think love can be defined. I do not think love looks the same for everyone and in every situation. I think the word love is often misused and abused. People use the word without understanding it’s depth. I am guilty of using the word and truly not experiencing the feeling. How does love play a part in our everyday lives? Our interactions? Our relationships? Our friendships? Do you lead with love or do you lead based on your need to survive? How does your childhood impact your ability to give and receive love? Are you transferring your inability to love correctly to others, your children, or your spouse?

Why is love so difficult to define? Yet, most of us desire to be loved at the highest level. That would mean being loved in a healthy way. 

Here are a few points from tonight’s Konvos with Kiya:

  1. Love is open communication. How can you love someone that you cannot talk to?

  2. As human beings we cannot task ourselves with the responsibility of fixing another person’s brokenness.

  3. You cannot force  someone to love you in a way that they’re not capable of loving you.

  4. It is o.k. to love a person from afar.